Video Slots


Bonus slots: the latest gaming trend are the most fun, graphically loaded, glitziest slots to come along in a long time. When I think how I laughed at my video arcade friends back then; but guess who's playing these arcade party machines now?

Bonus slots are described as "branded machines", entertainment-content", "brand recognition", "participation" games, "interactive" & "banking" slots.

I like the name 'Bonus Slots' because it says it all. The main goal of these games is to play the reels to get a "second chance" bonus round where the real money is.

Regular slot players will recognize the names: Monopoly, Elvis, Let's Make a Deal, Wheel of Fortune, Piggy Bankin', Reel 'Em In and coming soon, The Three Stooges and Dick Clark's American Bandstand version.

When you approach a Bonus Slot you will immediately see many more graphics than a basic slot or progressive; 25 symbols or more filling up the screen in front of you. The buttons in front of you will offer as many as 5 or 9 paylines.

Many versions come in penny denominations, but with maximums up to 225 coins for pennies, 45 coins for nickels, that's $2.25/spin folks. Nickel, quarter and dollar versions: credits should be divided by 20, 4, and 1 to calculate true dollar value. The RNG is still very active even when the machine is idle and the number of possiblities with graphic-rich bonus slots is staggering. Same RNG principal applies; once you drop the first coin, the final decision is made.

Like any other slot type, there are more lucrative Video Bonus Slots to play and we will bring those to your attention.

Payouts are much more frequent, usually every 2-3 spins.

Strategy education is easily digested and learned on a graduated scale: lessons for novice, intermediate and aggressive player. Bonus Slots 101, 201 and 301 if you will.

Read all information posted; I know you have heard this before but with many more payout options with these versions, very important.

Take a look at the help menu which explains game rules and pay lines criss- crossing the screen grid. Scatter pay "wild" symbols are paid when appearing anywhere on the screen.

Bonus round top points should be a contributing factor in selecting bonus types/versions. Bonus secondary jackpots can produce up to 10,000 coins and primary/top jackpots 100,000+ as printed on machine.

I always learn a lot simply by observing seated players who are usually quite informative as to how a particular bonus slot is played. You can observe the bonus round in action before a final decision too.

Warning: casinos set up bonus versions simply because they know players will get carried away with accumulating credits and a chance at the bonus round.

Wager management and discipline are required like any other casino game; be an intelligent gambler. Critical with bonus machines because higher betting amounts dictate that a bill-acceptor is used rather than hand-feeding coins, otherwise resulting in not having enough credits to play that maximum bonus round. Keep track of monies gobbled up by the bill-acceptor; it could very well be time for a new bonus version.

Novice=N: Observing all the slot bonus versions for certain features is key here; get the most value for your money. Most versions described are available in nickel or penny denominations which is a good place for the novice to begin. Start off playing all nine lines, if available, but 1 coin/line, rather than the top 45 or 90 coin maximum; at $2.25 & $4.50/spin; it's much more than you would bet on one 25¢ VP hand at $1.25.

Try: Piggy Bankin', Reel 'Em In, Elvis and Monopoly.

Intermediate=I: These bonus slots are suggested for educated players who have tried the novice bonus slots and want to seek out other versions to conquer.

Try: Chicken, Desperado, Early Bird and Treasure Tunnel.

Aggressive=A: Additional education is required for these slot "professionals" where a "Look for" method is advised to seek out those video slot versions with semi-complete bonus wins. Many Vegas "locals" are sweeping casino floors looking for abandoned bonus slots where players were either unaware of a near bonus round completion, or have run out of money. This method requires more time but now the average player knows the "insider scoop" of a new breed of winning slot players!

Try: Boom, Empire, Jungle King and Double Diamond Mine.

As you can see bonus slots are played differently from basic slots where my usual advice of playing maximum coins and single paylines is "out the window" to allow optimum strategy. Bonus slots are "reel" enjoyment and with a strategies education, the profits from these newest versions cannot be denied.

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