Video Slots 201

Bonus Video Slots 201

Are you as knocked-out as I am by the creative minds behind bonus video slots? They just keep rolling out innovative themes, graphics, and bonus combinations. Just when you think there are no new ideas to be harvested - a new version comes on board.

Since last time we met, slot players have cut their teeth on entry-level bonus video slots and we are ready to move on to the Intermediate level. I suggest the following 10 versions for those BVS players whose mission is to explore additional bonus challenges and slots victory. These versions followed after the initial introduction of bonus-round slots. A quick scan of the help menu will ignite your curiosity, plus assist in your decision to continue the challenge.

Unlike basic slots, payouts for these entertainment slots are more frequent, with the added benefit of bonus round bucks and/or free spins. Some of these BVS versions are located among the many choices of the Odyssey line of slots; these are designated with an 'O' in the description line.

Banana-Rama: 3 reel, O

Chimp and gorilla characters are your congenial hosts. Bonus round takes you to the oyster bar where selection of shells reveals bonus $. While you're playing at the same Odyssey slot, you may also have the choice of a magic carpet ride via Arabian Riches, a 3 reel version that grants 3 of 14 wishes for bonus coins, free spins and multiplied jackpots.

Bingo: 5 reel

Two games in one-5 reel with fruit, bar and wild symbols plus 3-D numbered bingo balls and bingo card. Player chooses winning configuration with straight or diagonal lines the easiest wins. When 3-D bingo ball lands on lit pay line, produces free spin with number matching a number on player's card. Your chosen combo win gets a loud Bingo!This is a very popular game and can be found at most casinos. Bingo players love this game as much as any bingo hall. It's ironic, Vegas bingo palaces were set-up to be loss-leaders to attract slot players; now both groups are fascinated by this particular slot.

Chicken: 5 reel, 9 line

Our innovative Australian friends offer an amusing version of the old joke about the chicken crossing the road. Two bonus-round features are:

Three squawking chickens running scared gets free spin(s) for up to 500 credits.

Takes you to a 4-lane highway chase scene where you watch the comical scene of chickens trying to cross the road. Once across safely, bonus amounts are added to your free spin credits.

Note: No animals were hurt during any bonus round play. Top jackpots range from 7500 to 25000 coin versions.

Desperado: 5 reel, 5 line

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls - this is your game. Three bonus coins on lit payline lands you in old west town with 5 targets at various points. Player chooses one to shoot; 4 hold bonus amounts and one hides word 'bank' taking player to third screen- the bank's interior. Choose one of 5 dynamite sticks for winnings up to 2500 coins. Go git 'em pardner.

Silver Belle Express: O

Head on over to an Odyssey slot for more western fun and a train ride. Bonus round puts you in a Pullman car in the Old West traveling to one of 3 bonus station cash "depots" to make your selection.

Early Bird: 5 reel, 5 line

We're digging for worms here as shown by the scatter pay symbol. Three in a paying combination proceeds to the bonus screen of five sleeping birds, where you choose one to fight with worm. Winning bird and time length determines bonus award $$.

Polly and Roger: 5 reel, 9 line

Ahoy Mates - Long John Silver would be proud and very amused. Power version is the best choice. 3 scatter pay Polly Parrot or Jolly Roger flag symbols provide free-spin bonus. Also additional screen has parrot race with 5 characters and more bucks for correct choice of winner by player.

Top Banana: 5 reel, 9 line

More of the animal world and a large grin when you line up 3 hippos, gorillas or turtles. A gorilla dangles a bunch of bananas while a monkey waits on the seesaw, a tub of water on the other end. Bonus round credits add up if you stack the monkeys high enough to grab bananas. Random bonus reveals a hidden multiplier for extra $$.

Treasure Tunnel: 3 reel

Another very popular game; treasure tunnel reel symbol activates bonus multiplier. Box at top of machine shows a treasure tunnel that resembles a target with set of 5 rings. Multipliers are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and center, can be up to 25x pay. Flashing will stop at your bonus amount. Plus, if the reels line up two treasure tunnel symbols, multiplied bonuses=big bucks.

Triple Cash Winfall: 3 reel

Nice merge of 2 popular slots and certainly favorites of mine. Combination of Red, White & Blue and Triple Diamond. Pay table shows multiplier combinations and wild symbols. Bonus screen displays roman pillars with spaces in between. Player tries to fill up space between pillars. When coin stack reaches 10 on any pillar return is 10 coin bonus. This game boasts twice the hit frequency of basic RWB/Diamonds, also larger primary and secondary jackpots.

A couple of gentle reminders about all BVS:

Even though bells sound and bonus amounts are lit up; you should check each payout amount because a "big deal win" of 30 credits is not truly a win when you bet 45 credits originally. To stretch your gambling bankroll, start off with 1-2 coins per payline; you can then risk a maximum spin as your credits mount. All features are not available or could be different versions as casinos order their own configurations.

I do not include any video poker or keno versions of bonus slots as there are no versions that I have seen that can match the higher payouts of full-pay VP and certainly none with keno. You now have 20 bonus versions to select and more to come when we connect again. Until then, sport a big grin with a loud guffaw for this entertainment bonus unmatched since we were kids at the circus or visiting a carnival.