Video Slots 301

Bonus Video Slots 301

As promised, we are moving on to the next BVS level. It's time for aggressive slot players to step up, front and center. We will embark on an exploration of those bonus video slots that were left with incomplete bonus rounds; waiting for the enterprising player.

Believe or not, there are now pros out there searching for BVS's with unfinished bonus options; especially in Vegas town. The majority of BVS players either don't realize that they are close to competing for a bonus round/jackpot or just plain run out of cash leaving a moneymaking possibility for the aggressive player ---- time to strike. Following are ten bonus video versions that can provide this opportunity and what to look for before you begin your attack. These versions and more are discussed in my All Slots Made Easier book.

1) Boom: 5 reel, 9 line

We begin with an explosive version offering standard reel play. Points accumulate with wild "flaming matches" scattered on screen. Watch the firecrackers count at top of screen until 50 attained when bonus credits are awarded. Look for machines with 30 or more firecrackers already in place. Fun fireworks display at bonus round as you watch firecrackers exploding.

2) Buccaneer Gold: Odyssey game.

Look for 2+ daggers towards bonus round. Player is one of two fighting pirate ships. Reels show up in opposing ship's hull. Five daggers gets you a treasure chest bonus round. Ahoy me matee!

3) Double Diamond Mine:

Line up diamond(s) on the payline and drop a number of diamonds into shaft/tube(s) that give extra coin when shaft(s) full. Look for 9 diamonds in one shaft, 8 in each of two, or 7 in three waiting for bonus rounds. Diamonds really are a girl's best friend, especially when you are creating a collection of them.

4) Empire:

King Kong scaling the Empire State Building on a timer. This bonus video slot is one of what I call a 'racing version' where a timer and a certain plateau must be attained before the bonus bucks kick in. The climb symbol moves Kong 1, 2, or 3 floors based on wager. You must reach at least 70 floors for first bonus then higher bonuses as you scale to top floor #110. Look for time left and at least 27 floors climbed for first bonus.

5) Fort Knox: 3 reels, Odyssey game.

After regular reeled slot play; player opens the Vault revealing 3 safety deposit box selections. Each subsequent trip adds another digit to the vault combination. When combination is complete, viola, top bonus awarded. Look for combinations with at least 4+ digits already in place, then take a seat.

6) Greased Lightning:

At the advance symbol, you find '57 Chevys -- engines revved and running while racing with a time limit. Look for games where 3/4 of race has been completed and bet max. I have found different racing car styles of this version; the concept is very similar. However, nothing beats a cooool '57 Chevy. You are allowed to sing the song from Grease, except when you have a voice like mine and then casino management frowns on it.

7) Isle of Pearls:

On the dive symbol; get ready for a deep sea adventure where the aggressive player will be diving to the bottom on a timer. There can be hidden treasure when you find games with 50 feet or fewer to complete first bonus and play the max. Hope you don't get the bends, but come up with a real catch.

8) Jungle King:

Jungle King: climbing vine activated by climb symbol and is timed. 70 ft qualifies for first bonus. Look for time left and completed climb of at least 35 ft at which time you play max credits for bonus bucks. This version is popular and earns the title of 'King of the Jungle' especially for aggressive BVS players.

9) Lady of Fortune:

Step into the fortune teller's booth where you match letters in phrase bonus for top jackpot. Look for at least 5+ lit letters/symbols already in place and play max credits. You can be the fortunate one with this game.

10) Wild Cherry Pie:

Object of the game is to fill in the 9 sections of the pie with 6 cherries each = 54 total for bonus $. Cherry-filling is based on bets placed. Standard reels offer cherry as wild symbol and are then directed to pie sections. Look for versions with at least 12 cherries in place. Ummm....good.

Do take note of these BVS points:

Even though bells sound and bonus amounts light up, you should check each payout amount because a "big deal win" of 30 credits is not truly a win when you bet 45 credits originally. All features are not available or could be different versions as casinos order their own configurations. Aggressive play translates into aggressive betting. When these potential winners are located, max coin play is suggested to pick up the top payouts.

Caution: I don't advocate that you get overly aggressive. It's not nice to stand behind other players or bother them. Casino management does watch out for these types of players and you will be evicted. You probably never thought you would hear me say that you could be thrown out of a casino for playing slots; something that is usually reserved for card-counting blackjack players, but it can happen. Patience is the key for this form of bonus video play, as you wander the casino floor searching for the right conditions before start of play.

It's true that Las Vegas residents do have the upper hand where a plentiful supply of machines and casinos are located. However, that's no reason why tourists can't use these same tactics when in Vegas or any other large gambling venue where the same conditions apply. Slot players have been unable to use the phrase "This one's ready to hit" with any real certainly before. However, in the case of these half-done bonus versions; it can be a correct prediction and bring in buckets of cash.

Happy Hunting.